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Im moving to Kansas in a month and have no idea where to start looking for housing. I'll be all over south eastern Kansas as well as Wichita and Kansas City for my job. I've lived most of in New Orleans, Cape Town, and Boston before this and I'm looking for art, restaurants, young professionals, some place easily walkabout...just interesting. Help!

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    I've lived in KC, Wichita and the middle of nowhere (smack dab in the middle of SEK). Your best bets are KC and Lawrence, KS. In KC, check out these neighborhoods: downtown, River Market, Brookside or Waldo. Lawrence has lots of art and music it's a great walking downtown. I think after living where you've lived you would be bored to tears anywhere in SEK. But if you end up deciding the commute would be too much let me know and I'll offer some suggestions to some more progressive/artsy towns down there. over 7 years ago

    Answered by Jody Donohue via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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