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I'm going to Orlando soon to look at UCF & apartments.if you have lived there please help! I'm looking for an apartment that's safe, clean, no bugs or MOLD, allow dogs (30 lbs). FYI I'm very sensitive to mold, that's the biggest thing, had to get a lawyer to break lease a couple months ago. Would love input. If you know of bad apartments I should stay away from let me know that too!

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    I lived right by UCF when I went to school there and I would not recommend living at any of the apartments in the UCF area. The area has become very unsafe as students are prime targets. I would recommend Oviedo. It is a small town 15 minutes down the road and although it does not have the college scene, is extremely safe and clean. Most apartments allow dogs but may require a pet deposit. almost 8 years ago

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