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    There are so many things you can do - but you don't have time for everything. get a guide book and pick the things you really want to do and then plan for 1 thing per each half day at the most.
    If things are close together, you may be able to squeeze a few extra in, but this does make your time there rushed. Obviously plan to go uptown for the day and do a couple of museums one after the other, or plan to do statue of liberty/Ellis island along with Ground Zero as they're both at the south end of Manhattan.
    Depending on when you're going (peak or not), there can be long lines (esp for the museums).
    Use the subway to get around quickly, and remember Times Square and The Empire State are open practically all night! over 8 years ago

    Answered by Sarah T via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    HI Zan, NYC is a hot topic on Ask a Nomad. Here's a thread you might find useful:
    http://answers.worldnomads.com/questions/united-states/72/what-is-a-must-do-in-manhattan over 8 years ago

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    Definitely check out the High Line. I'd also suggest walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. If you like to ride a bike rent one and take the path on the west side up to the George Washington bridge. over 8 years ago

    Answered by Ajgraz via Site_iconAsk a Nomad iPad app
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    Sarah T's advice is right on. I'm continually amazed that people will commit a large amount of money (plane, hotel, etc.) to a trip then ask what there is to see at their destination. Buy a guidebook! It'll be worth the investment. over 8 years ago

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