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    you dont really specify what type of thing you are interested in, are you 21? 30ish, 40? regardless, in times past Buckhead was the place to hang out and be seen, not so much anymore, still very expensive (I lived there and had a bar/restaurant there) but midtown is much trendier and cooler hangout, little 5 points, Cabbage Town, East Atlanta has very eclectic places to go, nightlife is just that, eclectic and maybe considered grunge by some standards but definately cool, if your just visiting and you want clubs etc, Midwtown with also has great restaurants cheap and expensive whatever your budget and theaters. If you want to check out some cool bars and restaurants in walking distance to each other check out Virginia Highlands, very close to downtown. For a great night out, head to Whole world Theater you'll be in midtown then and you can start your night off with a few cold ones and a great laugh. I performed there so I am biased:) follow me on twitter @livetoexplore over 8 years ago

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    Opera or havana are good night clubs if you are into that scene. More underground would be mjq, drunken unicorn, or masquerade over 7 years ago

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