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Have a chance to start seeing the world with my fiancé ? Neither of us have had a chance to really travel internationally and and we want to start seeing the world. We have our first chance in August with 10 days and the freedom to go anywhere. We don't like cruise ships and we don't want to be on a tour bus all day everyday with 100 other tourists. We would rather spend a decent enough time in each place we visit to get a real feel for a place vs trying to pack so much in we don't relax and are running around like crazy. Who has some advice on where to go in August? Thanks for any help and advice you may have!

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    You can pretty much throw a dart at the map and find yourself a great place to visit....

    But as you're a first time traveller, why not take advantage of the US dollar getting stronger and come to Aus.

    August is not too hot here, my recommendation would be head north to the Whitsundays for a week. Its a long way, so the additional 3 days would take in your travel to and from as well as down time for jetlag ;)

    Bareboat charters are simple - or you can also island hop from Hamilton to Hayman etc. over 8 years ago

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    You have to decide what your interests are. Scenery and natural splendor? Then the U.S. southwest, such as the Grand Canyon of Arizona, perhaps. Culture? Then perhaps Paris, for the Louvre and Musee d'Orsee or New York. Decide what your interests are. over 8 years ago

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    I would go to Berlin in August. It's not oppressively hot, but it's summer still. Berlin is a favorite city. Lots of culture, nightlife, and easy to get around. Although Paris is fantastic, I would think it would be very crowded in August. over 8 years ago

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