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I'll be in Florida in May and I would like to rent a car. I've just checked out some rental companies as Hertz, Avis, ecc.. and it seems that they charge more money if you're below 26 years old. I'm 23 and i don't want to pay a load of money for nothing! Is there any solution or this additional cost is covered by WorldNomads insurance?

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    Hi Alex, Katrina from WorldNomads.com here. The rental vehicle coverage you may have seen in some of our plans available via WorldNomads.com only covers the amount you would have to pay if your rental vehicle was damaged or stolen (this is called an excess). You wont get a travel insurance benefit to cover you for the rental vehicle itself or help to reduce the cost of the overall rental of the car - you will still have to take out the insurance coverage for the rental vehicle offered by the insurance company.

    The insurance cover offered by the rental agency is generally there to insure the vehicle from damage or loss. This rental vehicle insurance, particularly in the USA is a mandatory addition to the cost you pay for the actual rental of the vehicle. Hire costs are generally higher for people under 26 as the rental company sees younger travellers as having a greater risk of having a road traffic accident. (Road traffic accidents are one of the main causes of injuries (and high medical expenses, particularly in the USA), which is where travel insurance can help).

    With some of the travel insurance plans we offer through WorldNomads.com, we offer to cover the rental vehicle insurance excess, up to the limit described in the full description of coverage when you get a quote. Again, this is only available when you take out the insurance cover offered by the car rental company - just be aware of the excess they have and the limit of cover in your travel insurance plan. (Not all of WorldNomads.com plans cover this rental vehicle excess, so please read the details fully to choose a plan to suite your trip)

    If you have more specific questions about the travel insurance coverage available via WorldNomads.com, please contact our team directly - they're always happy to help- http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx about 8 years ago

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