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    I would reconsider taking your car, very dangerous!!!
    If you want to to the interior check out travel agencies. It is a dangerous place even for those familiar with it.
    Theres tons of stuff to do in California, head to the coast and check all the cool places along the ocean! about 9 years ago

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    The car rental company will require you to purchase additional insurance if you intend to take the car to Mexico. Don't go without it! This may make it cost prohibitive.

    As the previous poster indicated, there is plenty to see and do in California, and plenty of Mexican food and culture to satisfy your interests in a safer environment. about 9 years ago

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    Drive to San Francisco, much longer journey but it's worth it as there plenty to do and see during the day and at night. I would skip Mexico mainly due to the safety reason. A boring holiday is still better than a holiday full of unpleasant incidents and bad memories, that's just me though. If you still wanna go, then be extra careful. about 9 years ago

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    San Diego for Sea World,TheZoo, the Ocean. youcould doone each day. Steer clear of Mexico it would take too long to get through customs on the way home, you need a passport to get back into the US, it is not safe, especially if you dont speak Spanish.
    LA is a great launching point for day trips to Santa Barbara (you could take Amtrak, it drops you off withinwalking distance to the beach & State St., downtown. Shuttle up to the Santa Barbara Mission.
    The drive to Santa Barbara is up the coastline and rather nice. You can leave LA at 10 and be in SB for lunch. Plenty of pay parking that wont break the bank.
    Have fun in LA no heavy coat required. about 9 years ago

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    I suggest strongly that you drive to San Diego and use the train that takes you to Tijuana . it's very inexpensive , and use caution in Tijuana ..things aren't the same...and stay near the border..there are buses to ave revolution , but that is no longer the main area for tourist. also the popular beach area from tiguana , rosarita beach is a hot mess off horse shit. ATV tracks and thieves. I recommend a day cruise which takes you to ensada, almost 9 years ago

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