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Hi All

My partner and I are looking to rent an appartment in NYC for 1 month. We will be arriving in NYC approximatley early April 2012. Has anyone rented a short term appartment rental in NYC? What websites are best to use and how much should we expect to pay?

If any of you have done this before I would love to hear about your experience and look at where you stayed etc. There are alot of bad stories about people getting scammed and I dont want to be one of them!

Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Nathan, I haven't rented as long as a month, but just did 8 days in NYC and rented an excellent apartment through AirBnB.com. It was in Soho (small but very cool!). It cost around $190/night but with a long term booking I'm sure you can negotiate on price. Just be prepared to do A LOT of inquiring as places are not available ( even when their calendar says so). It's worth it in the end though.

    Best of luck! about 9 years ago

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    Try airbnb.com or vrbo.com to see privately owned places for rent. about 9 years ago

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