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My flight arrives to Newark at 9pm. I don't mind taking a long bus ride in or making connections, just looking for the best budget/value.

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    If you arrive at Newark Airport late at night, the best, fastest, most convenient - and one of the cheapest - ways to travel to New York City is to take the Newark Airport Airtrain from any Newark Airport airline terminal to the Newark Airport Rail(way) station - and then take a New Jersey Transit ("NJT") commuter train to New York City, (The trains run until very late at night - see www.njtransit.com)
    If you buy your NJTransit train ticket from one of the NJT ticket machines located inside the Newark Airport airline terminals (near the entrances to the Airtrain), the NJT train ticket also includes the fee charged to travel on the Airtrain to the Newark Airport railway station, as well as the train fare to New York City, (You use the same ticket to travel on the Newark Airport Airtrain and on the NJTransit train to New York City.)
    There is no other way to get to the Newark Airport railway station from the Newark Airport airline terminals - you have to take the Airtrain.
    DO NOT get on any AMTRAK train at the Newark Airport railway station!
    Your NJT train ticket is not valid on the Amtrak trains (which all require advance reservations - and also have much higher fares than the NJT trains).
    About 5 minutes after departing from the Newark Airport railway station, the NJTransit train to New York City will stop at the Newark (city) station - but when the train conductor yells out "Newark!" it SOUNDS LIKE he said "New York!:"
    But you are NOT in New York City yet - you must stay on the train for about another 18 minutes to go to New York City. (But if you do get off the train at the Newark, New Jersey city station by mistake - which is NOT a safe thing to do late at night - you can take a PATH train from the Newark city railway station to Manhattan, for less than $2.) Unfortunately the PATH trains do not go all the way to Newark Airport - they only run between Manhattan and the Newark (city) railway station.
    But taking the NJTransit number 62 Newark city bus from Newark Airport to the Newark (city) railway station (cheap - but no room for luggage) would NOT be a safe thing to do late at night, (Newark Airport is safe - but Newark city is not, especially at night.) about 9 years ago

    Answered by davidflurrie via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I'd say the shuttle
    Check if the hotel you're staying at has it's own shuttle, usually they do. almost 9 years ago

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    I hired a private driver through Executive Limousines - it was cheaper than a taxi and quicker than the train. All I wanted after an 18hr flight to NY was a comfy place to rest my head for a few hours :)

    I believe it cost about $45USD from Newark to downtown. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by LisaF via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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