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Be spending about 3 days in Edinburgh. Wondering if anyone has a list of must sees and the easiest,cheapest way to get around to see it all. Also, we were thinking of popping on over to Wales while we are there, does anyone know the best way to get there? We will be in Scotland on Oct.18, leaving the morning of the 24th.

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    The train it's fastt almost 9 years ago

    • Um...could you be a little more specific..like which trains specifically? Flygirl327 almost 9 years ago
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    I was there last year, would definitely suggest the tour of Mary King's Close, not too expensive but you get your money's worth; it's a really well done tour of the hidden alleyways along the Royal Mile.

    Also, the Elephant House is a really nice cafe/coffee house on Marshall Street, very eclectic and unique. Their website has a lot of cool pictures and reviews from their regulars


    Edinburgh Castle is a must see, Holyrood Palace, too; it's the Queen's official residence when she's in Scotland.

    If you have time, I would highly recommend climbing Arthur's Seat. It's a hill a bit to the southeast of Holyrood in Holyrood park. The hike up didn't take more than an hour, it was easy and you have a fantastic view of the surrounding country when you get to the top! almost 9 years ago

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