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We are emigrating but finding travel insurance difficult to find and UK insurane agents not especially helpful. We are over 56 and are taking the long way to NZ via Singapore and Melbourne.
I've tried direct travel, duinsure, js insure, walkabout.

May have to accept the $687 i've been quoted by migrate safe.co.nz

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    Hi Pauline, Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    As you may have already found, travel insurance is usually set up just for the belongings that you'd take on a trip, not all of your life's possessions and/or valuables. At WorldNomads.com, we provide travel insurance coverage for UK residents (http://www.worldnomads.co.uk/) to go on one way, return or annual multi-trips, however our baggage coverage is limited to £1,250. There may be restrictions on the total cover, plus per item limits, depending on what it is (eg. electronic equipment vs clothes, vs jewellery) . You might want to consider travel insurance just for your trip (and the things that you take with you), and then look for separate personal belongings insurance for your household items you're shipping over to NZ.

    Coverage may also depend on whether you're shipping your belongings or if you're taking them on your trip with you. Some travel insurance policies have restrictions on cover if you are sending gear unaccompanied.

    The final consideration is your country of residence. Travel insurance policies are usually set up mainly for medical cover, so if you're injured or seriously sick on your trip, you can receive medical treatment while travelling. You need to consider which country you have access to permanent medical care, in case you need to be repatriated home for ongoing treatment. If you're emigrating, do consider the policy you are buying and whether this covers you as a UK resident or NZ resident. And finally, travel insurance isn't designed to provide you with ongoing medical care at home, so you may wish to consider a health insurance product in New Zealand if you're not eligible yet for resident health cover.

    The bottom line: no matter what travel insurance or general insurance you choose, is that you really should read the policy wording carefully to make sure you know restrictions for cover or any exclusions to cover i.e. what you;re covered for (and not).

    Hope you have a safe trip and best wishes for your new life as a Kiwi! over 9 years ago

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