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    There's no luggage limit as far as I'm aware. But there aren't a huge amount of storage facilities so if you get a busy train you may end up standing in the corridor with your cases about 9 years ago

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    Trains will have an area where luggage can be stored - a rack in each compartment - but you have to share that with everyone else, so space may be tight. For extra large items, such as skis, you may need to pay an extra fee for them to be transported.

    Articles exceeding one metre in any dimension that cannot be carried by the passenger concerned. This includes canoes, hang-gliders, sail/surf boards, large furniture and any large musical instrument that cannot be carried without assistance.
    Motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters and motorised cycles.
    Livestock (for example, pigs. sheep and goats).
    Any animal or article which, in the opinion of the train company staff, is causing or is likely to cause inconvenience to passengers due to its size or behaviour. On train staff are authorised to have items such as these removed from the train.

    If you are concerned, check with National Rail or the station where you plan to start your journey. Also be aware, that you may have stairs and not all stations are passenger friendly! If you are travelling with bulky items, then it would be good to avoid rush hour on busy commuter lines!! about 9 years ago

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