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We are spending a year in Oz with a month's stop over in China. From the limited research I have done already, it seems to be quite expansive / difficult to travel round China without blowing our budget. Can anyone suggest the best way to travel round the East side of China and going only as far as Shanghai...? (apart from Dragon Buses!)

P.s. is there a cheap way to get down to Vietnam or Philippines from Hong Kong?

Many thanks

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    Are you going to Hong Kong (HK is part of China though after 1997) or China? Here is the site for reference to travel around by MTR in Hong Kong. It's not cheap but it's convenient to see around.
    In Hong Kong there are lots of ways to go to China - Shanghai including packaged tours. You can enquire here: http://www.ctshk.com/english/index.htm they are like semi-government travel agency and they arrange China Visa too. almost 10 years ago

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    Thank you for your response...

    The idea is that we fly into Hong Kong around mid September, as our one stop off on route to Australia, for a month. I heard that one month is too long to spend in Hong Kong so we wanting to travel up the South East coast, but only as far as Shanghai. Any further information on this, e.g. local secrets and places we must visit while in China, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again...Will almost 10 years ago

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    I was in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou in 2002 and Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi and Beijing in 2006. Hangzhou and Suzhou is famous for tea and silk and sceneries. Shanghai is one of China's biggest trading centre. You can check out this interactive map:
    http://www.ctshk.com/english/destination/destination.htm almost 10 years ago

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    Do forget to come to Macau .. for a litte bit of Vegas!
    PM me if you need more help! almost 10 years ago

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