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I will be at Iona for a week, then touring the Scottish highlands for another week. I am concerned about bringing boots, and rain wear. Any ideas?

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    Patricia you'll need good waterproof gear. UK in general at the moment has lots of rain and Scotland always seems to be wetter. I spent a month on the Isle of Skye last July and it rained. Also a fleece as it gets chilly in the evenings. Occasionally you'll get pleasant days but pack for wet and cool. over 3 years ago

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    Definitely warm and waterproof clothing. If you're planning on walking think about waterproof trousers as well as a coat! You may be lucky and get a nice day (I was there in Feb and expected nothing but cold, but actually got some nice, mild days), so have an emergency nice day outfit too.
    Scotland is known for having all four seasons in one day, so literally prepare for all weathers. Do this by thinking about layers. over 3 years ago

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    A half-dozen holidays all over the UK (and, other holidays in other countries) has shown me that a lightweight, water-repellant poncho is the best. . .#1) get one that folds up to a relatively small size; 2) BRIGHT color . . as a "safety" during walkabout; and, easily spotted by a companion; AND #3) it will also protect against pickpockets; and, cover everything you're carrying . . .You will probably need an umbrella, however, I recommend you buying that "over there". . .People of other countries tend to be "experts" on umbrellas! And, you can give your umbrella to "someone" when you leave the country (or, bring ii home with you. . .I am still using an umbrella that I purchased in 1973. . It just happens to be red & white, the colors of my alma mater, Wisconsin. . .Go Badgers!)

    I also recommend buying sweaters in Scotland. . .they have the BEST! And, you can wear them under your poncho! over 3 years ago

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