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We have a one way ticket because we aren't sure which day we are wanting to leave, we arent staying more than a week and a half though, and are going to dublin also for a few days. We have our itinerary which shows we have our hotels booked, and transport to dublin and back, and plenty of money to sustain us during our trip, and that we have responsibilities to get back to. I'm wondering if when we land they will let us stay, if we show them all this proof? It's not like we are flying from a third world country to escape, we're americans ( god that sounded cocky, unintentional) and simply arent sure whether we want to spend a week or week and a half. I've never had problems entering the UK before, although i always had a return ticket or it was a stop over. ANY help would be nice. I've read some people said no, although they werent border officials, and some people said it would be fine. I can't find ANYONE to get ahold of professionally to ask this question. Thanks!

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    Put yourself in a border control officials shoes - it's all about the likelyhood of you actually wanting to stay and do something you shouldn't - like work. From many years of personal experience, it will largely depend on who you end up seeing at the border, and your response and attitude to questions.

    I'll give you one peice of advice, don't start that 'but i'm an american' stuff with the border control people, your entry is at their sole discretion, and if there's a balance to be tipped, that sure is gonna tip it in the wrong direction for you lol.

    For future reference, just get a 2 way ticket if you're unsure about return dates, they are nearly always cheaper than one ways anyhow (even taking into account the extra cost of getting the additional one way back when you decide the date), and you can always just buy the return from the UK.

    good luck :-) over 8 years ago

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    Quick update to my answer above - I was curious myself so had a look on the UK Border Agency site, this link shows you what you need


    - nowhere does it mention a return ticket, but it does say '[you must be able to] meet the cost of the return or onward journey'.

    The return ticket thing is a myth/archaic I think, and as long as you are not here to do anything nefarious, you will be okay. Have a safe and happy trip!

    Ianes over 8 years ago

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