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I am travelling around the world and now am scared i am going to run out of money before i even get to my second destination..EUROPE..I have heard it is very expensive and need some suggestions..I am going to do some babysitting jobs to earn some money but need more tips.

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    Youth hostels are the cheapest reliable means of staying in central London. almost 11 years ago

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    If you book in advance, you can usually get reasonable rates at hotels - but not in central London. I would highly recommend if on an incredibly tight budget you don't eat out. Go to the local Tesco or Morrison's or Sainsbury's for your shopping instead. They are reasonably priced - but stay out of the "convenience" style store - such as Sainsbury's Local - they charge more for their groceries than a regular grocery store. You can always go to the local for a pint but make sure even then you shop around :) over 9 years ago

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    Try Bayswater area in london, it has some cheap hotels, yet very safe and central area over 9 years ago

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    Try East London for food. Brick lane, shoreditch, hakney. For accommodation try www.world hostel.com I used them in Asia and planning to used them next time I travel. You might want to try stay with locals and go www.couchsurfing.org Have fun in London over 9 years ago

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