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I really want to do volunteering abroad for a couple of weeks next month and have found a project I am really passionate about through Ecoteer. I just want to check they are legitimate as I am travelling alone and obviously want to be safe.
Much thanks.

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    I've done loads of volunteering, and never through any companies that charge me tons of money to do so. In my experience you just have to look for volunteer placements on your own and with a bit of research, this is possible. I don't believe that I should pay fees and rates in order to give MY time to projects that need it. All the placements I have been on have provided me all my food and accomadation in exchange for my hard work and time. This is the way volunteering should be done. I've been to Honduas, France, Costa Rica and more. The site I use to find a massive variety of placements all over the world, where all the hosts offer food and a bed for your time, is Workaway.info. There are also a lot of other websites listing free (or very very cheap) opportunities to volunteer around the globe. Try them before you sign up to an expensive volunteer business. Happy travelling and good luck! about 8 years ago

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    I don't know anything about the company, but if it involves paying lots of money to them I suggest you think carefully. There are many volunteering companies that are simply businesses there to make profit. The help they give to the overseas projects is often fragmented and not particularly beneficial to the recipients. It all depends on what you want. If you want an experience of seeing some entirely new aspects of life (where you expect to benefit most) in a protected environment, go with a volunteering business. If you want to both help and see the world, try doing it yourself. But I think you can expect to pay fares and also, in many situations, your own living expenses. about 8 years ago

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