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  • Hi Frank. I have emailed you some additional information. You may wish to remove your email address from your post to protect you from spam. I have also provided details below for other interested travellers. With thanks, Katrina - WorldNomads.com Katrina Greeves about 9 years ago

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    Hi Frank

    Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    For UK residents, we currently can only offer travel insurance to people who are 60 years old at the time the policy is purchased. This is a requirement from our insurer as our plans are designed and priced for a single age limit.

    We do understand that there are many World Nomads who are over 60 years, who still travel regularly. We review our travel insurance products regularly and are considering plans for older travellers as we receive many requests for this detail. This can take time to negotiate with our insurers, so in the meantime I do apologise if we are unable to offer cover for older travellers.

    For residents of other countries, our age limits do vary (current as of November 29, 2011). Please check your quote carefully for details:
    USA residents: under 67 years old
    Canadian residents: under 60 years old
    Australia & New Zealand residents: Under 66 years old
    UK & Ireland: Under 60 years old
    All other countries: under 66 years old

    All travel insurance policies are different, and our plans differ depending on your country of residence. Please do read the terms and conditions and the full description of cover (policy wording) for full details on who can be covered by WorldNomads.com travel insurance.

    If you have any questions, please do contact our customer services team directly: http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx

    safe travels, about 9 years ago

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    W are residing in Australia and will travel to USA. Me and my wife plus my 2 relatives with us. Because we are 4 would you call our group of 4 a family? Another question is me and my wife are over 66 years old. However, our 2 companions are below 66. So how can you insure us? about 8 years ago

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    I am a Bolivian citizen (67 years old) travelling with my daughter (23 years old) to live in Brazil do you have yearly health insurance coverage you can offer us? My email is materesalas@hotmail.com almost 2 years ago

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    hey, I just bought travel insurance through world nomads for my partner and I (66,68)
    for a trip. what's the deal. they never denied it or commented on it. nor did they indicate
    there were age restrictions on their site. over 1 year ago

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