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Hi, I plan to go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Sept 12, I have read some previous Q&A, but needed a little more info. I have around 6 to 7 days time. Will be travelling with my wife.
1. Is Ibis / Novotel @ WTC a good place to stay? My budget is around 100usd
2. Which company is the best for desert safari, visiting sand dunes, and shall I reserve online or can I just buy the tickets on site?
3. any difference between Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates? Else than malls, which local markets I have to visit? And is price bargaining a must do in the markets like China?
4. Any meal I should try? Or restaurant that I must try in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?
5. Planning on visiting Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, shall I stay a night there, or can I just get taxi from Dubai? Any thing Abu Dhabi has, that Dubai don't?
6. I am not really a museum guy, but is there any museum that is unique?
Thank you very much for your kind advice. Have a wonderful day.

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    Hi Albert let me see if I can help,

    Let me just warn you that it will still be hot in Dubai during September (35 to 38) but you can always cool off at the water park (Wild Wadi or Atlantis Hotel)

    Also you can get tons of info from www.timeoutdubai.com

    1. I live here so hotels are not my thing, sorry. But with my travels Novotel has never disappointed me. The WTC is a fairly central area in Dubai.

    2. I have used Arabian Adventures for friends and family when they visited and I have no complaints they are very professional and safe. I always book ahead of time so if you can do it online I recommended that. Almost all of the tour companies will pick you up from your hotel.

    3. The malls are about the same.... Both have similar shops and each have 'wow' things to see (aquarium and divers water fountain at the DM and the MOE has the indoor ski park).
    For the local markets it is what you are looking for Gold, Spices, Clothes etc.... The open Souks are on the Deira side you can take a water taxi for 1 AED but remember my first statement- it will be hot! Out side of town is DragonMart (China shopping center). Both the Souks and DragonMart you bargain but the malls are set prices.

    4. You can find anything to everything to eat in Dubai..... It all depends on what you want to pay. If you are here on a Friday a Brunch is a must!!!! Most of the hotels have all you can eat and all you can drink yet again it is how much you want to spend. Check out TimeoutDubai.com

    5. Have been to Ferrari World for concerts and a UFC fight, but never to visit. If you take a cab it will cost a lot (45 min drive) maybe around 250 to 300 AED one way! Abu Dhabi has it's own vibe a slower pace but it has the Grand Mosque and that is good to see.

    6. If you want to learn about Dubai culture the heritage museum is good and cheap (5 AED). Things to also see are the Burj Khalifa and Madinat Souk.

    I wish you a good stay.
    Ryan about 9 years ago

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    It would be a little hot..but not unbearable. Would recommend a quaint three star hotel with superior services-Versailles on Al Rigga Street in Deira-nice location,close to the Metro Station and has many eating places around.For Desert Safaris,if price is no constraint use Arabian Adventures or Alpha Tours..if price is important,try Al Ghubaiba or Mirage Tours.
    In the Malls -if there is a Sale,no need to haggle or else you pay the full price.Would recommend you to go to Nasser Square in Deira or Meena Bazar in Bur Dubai which has great Textile superbazars like Regals,Rattis etc.
    If money no constaint try the Atmosphere in the tallest Building in the world,Burj Khalifa.
    Yes,Albert you can go to the Dubai Musuem...nice and quaint.
    Ferrari World..can't help..have yet to go there.You should visit the Dubai Dolhpinarium,the Wild Wadi,Souk Madinat,Dubai Mall for sure.Have a great stay in Dubai...a great place for sure.
    Manoj about 9 years ago

    Answered by Manoj Padhi via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Ibis/Novotel is good if the price is right, but also check out places like http://www.holidayinn.com/hotels/us/en/dubai/dubhi/hoteldetail which is within walking distance of MoE and the metro station. I prefer this to Ibis, any day!

    Arabian Adventures is a good company and I would recommend them. Their drivers are very experienced - your hotel can help you, or you can arrange it directly with them http://www.arabian-adventures.com/

    A taxi from Dubai Airport to Yas Island (Ferrari World) will cost around 200AED - its all on the meter so no worries. I probably wouldnt stay on Yas as there isnt that much to do at night, apart from sit in the hotels. If you do stay, then check out the rates for the Crowne Plaza, but also check out Yas Island hotel as they were doing fantastic offers.

    If it was me, I would get a cab from Yas and head into Abu Dhabi - around 25-40 minutes away. Somewhere like the main Hilton - whilst an older hotel - is a good central place to stay, has a pool and beach access.

    Places to eat - in Dubai, I like MJs Steakhouse at Madinat Jumeriah or the Rib Room at Emirates Towers.

    In Abu Dhabi - Frankies, Fairmont; Mombassa Grill, Shangri La Souk. For something a little less expensive, I love Coopers at the Park Rotana or Beaujolais at the old Novotel.

    Things to see and do in Abu Dhabi would be to visit the Grand Mosque, pop into Emirates Palace, walk along the sea front at the Corniche, visit the Cultural Foundation, do a desert safari etc.

    As mentioned above, September will definitely be warm and sticky but please note that all the buildings and cars are A/C'd so you may feel the chill !! about 9 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I live in Abu Dhabi which is quieter than Dubai but has many amazing places to visit.

    You can take the "big bus tour" which will take you pretty much everywhere (marina mall, grand mousqe, carpet market, Mina souq...)
    Also you can take flight tour to see the city from above as well as visit some other island (this one is amazing but quite expensive)

    Also you can visit the beach, we call it corniche, and enjoy water sports like parasailing and jet skiing.

    For traditional touch you can visit the heritage village which is near to the corniche to explore the history of UAE.

    If you have time don't miss visiting Al Ain city it is almost 1:30 hour away from both Abu dhabi and Dubai. It has Hafeet mountain the tallest in UAE and a zoo).

    This website has helpful info:

    Now for the food. if you are looking for local food, there are many local restaurants in every corner. However, if you looking for more trusted place there is one in Emirates Palace.

    Some local meals are: lgeemat (fried dough with honey, harees (porridge), machbos (rice with meat and spices).

    I hope you find my response helpful, and wish you an amazing trip. about 9 years ago

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    Thank you all for the advice, I am going to arrive tomorrow, how about the tipping in restaurant and taxi? Is it necessary ? about 9 years ago

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    Well, they will all glady receive your tip if you want to share some blessings but it is not that neccessary. A peice of advice. Just watch out for the old taxi cars. I suggest you take the new ones (silver colored cars in abu dhabi and red in dubai) they are pretty honest in terms of giving the exact fare for you, for they use a good metering system. From my experience the old taxi car drivers are a bit sly, they usually give an estimation on how much the fare would cost and not rely on the meter. Making them not worthy for a tip anymore. Have fun in the U.A.E.! about 9 years ago

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    Thank you all for the great advice. Really had a great time there. about 9 years ago

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    what bus number shall i take from hamdan street going to ferrari world? almost 8 years ago

    Answered by jess via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    hi dear,

    there is this website it can guide you and gives u places where u can go in dubai there is entertainment for kids and restaurants and alot of nice places in dubai
    you can check it out
    hope it will help!!
    http://www.malloftheemirates.com/blog/dubai-tourism almost 3 years ago

    Answered by Maya Ahmad via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    This is a great website There is a lot of good article. https://dubaidesertsafarii.com/ over 1 year ago

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