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I am going to be in Dubai for several days on a business trip, and wondered how transportation was. It will be very hot, so is it easy to call a cab? Are the fares reasonable?

Second question--how is the best way to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, and is it a long trip? Again, what should I expect it to cost?

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    I'm based in Abu Dhabi so I'm not very familiar how easy to get cabs in Dubai. Taxi fare flag down rate is around AED 3.00 but they asked for AED 10.00 minium even if the meter is only less than AED 10.00. At present, the hottest average temperature in UAE is around 40 deg. C.

    Dubai to Abu Dhabi will take you around couple of hours on the average if you take by bus (AED 20.00 from Bur Dubai bus station) . Travel time will probably be 20 minutes less if you take private vehicle or a cab (approx. cost is AED 250.00).

    In Abu Dhabi it's very easy to hail a cab around the city. Flag down rate is AED 3.00 and you only pay what's in the meter (no minimum fare).

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    It is normally very easy to get a taxi in Dubai (depending on time and place) and prices are similar to Abu Dhabi. You can also call and book a taxi. There is also a new Metro which is very cheap and works well (however you might have to get a cab to/from the stations depending on where you going).

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    Answered by AD via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Abu Dhabi is fairly easy for cabs - you can either hail one on the street or you can book one via their booking system : 600535353 and these usually arrive within 5 minutes. You pay an extra 5AED if you use the booking system.

    There are two types of taxis in Abu Dhabi - the older cabs which are white and yellow and the newer ones which are silver (and pink and silver for ladies only cabs). They all run meters so you know exactly what you will pay. I usually round it up as a tip. The newer cabs technically have a GPS type system but this isnt always in use - read "never"!

    For cabs in Abu Dhabi, you need to know roughly where you are going, or the nearest landmark. Whilst there are some street names, they dont really mean very much! Everyone uses local landmarks such as hotels, banks, shops etc.

    The cost and time from Abu Dhabi to Dubai depends on where and when you are travelling. From say downtown Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport at peak times, you should expect a journey of at least 2-2.5 hours; outside of peak hours, say a Friday morning, this journey would be around 1.5 hours. Cost is roughly 200-250AED for this journey.

    For a journey from say Emirates Towers (middle of Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai) to say Shangri-La Hotel, off-island, Abu Dhabi, then the time would be around an hour and would be around 150AED. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com

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