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My boyfriend may be due to go out to work in Dubai for at least 12 months. He will be staying in a hotel, until such time he sorts out long-term accommodation in an apartment. Is anyone aware of any issues/judgements/prejudices from hotel staff or locals, with a (muslim) girlfriend staying with her (muslim) boyfriend being un-engaged or un-married?

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    Munchkin, it could be a problem, especially because you're both Muslim. Some of the laws that apply to Emiratis don't apply to international visitors, but they do apply to Muslims. Sex between unmarried people is adultery. It is illegal for a man to share a room with a woman who is not his wife or a close relative. there are exceptions made for tourists and only at the western/international hotels.
    There's another law in UAE, you need a tenancy agreement to get a residency visa, and you can't have an unmarried couple at the same address. Lots of ex-pats have 2 addresses in UAE, a cheap flat for the sake of the visa for one of you and then they live together in a nicer one (where the other person is registered). Most people will assume you're married (never, ever confess you're not!). Lots of ex-pats do this, but if someone has a grudge against you and they report it to the authorities it could get ugly. almost 8 years ago

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    No. almost 8 years ago

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