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Going to The Ukraine

about 8 years ago about Ukraine

I am going to see my friend in Poltava,Ukraine,I have been writing to her and seen her on Skype,and I am going to visit her in April for 10 days.I am a Canadian Citizen living in the US,traveling to the Ukraine to see my roots.This is my first time traveling there or any where for that matter.I have a Canadian Passport,I am only going to the Ukraine and staying in that country.Do I need to be Immunized before I go there ? Is it safe to go there with the corruption with in the police,should I worry about this ? Should I take a debit card to pay for things or cash ? I was told that do not exchange my money because stores,restraunts etc,will take USD,is this the best way to go for this ? I would appreciate some helpful ideas on this,Thank you

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    Immunized from what? there is no strict norms to do that.
    Its normally very safe for tourists, but for sure you should be careful as anywhere else. Dont take too much cash with you, but do remeber that in some small cities/shops/ets you would have to pay by cash, not everywhere you can pay with the credit card..
    I'd not recommend you to bet on paying with USD. Its not taken everywhere, the rates would be horrible and its not handy. For ex. you cant buy train ticket with USD, only in national currency. There are some restaurants, stores which will never take USD. So, when you will land at the Ukrainian airport ( Kiev?) change smth to UAH and you will feel much better. Otherwise you will always need to think - will they take your USD and on what rate..

    I'd suggest you to take some cash - convert it to UAH and take a credit card. Poltava its eastern Ukraine its a bit different, its not that well developed in comparison to Western part. So if you want to explore Ukraine you need to visit Lviv and Kiev as well.

    Police is normally very attentive to tourists, so you might not expect any troubles, unless you create them yourself :) - like drinking to much, trying to beat policeman, driving drunked and so on.
    Hope that helps. feel free to ask me further. about 8 years ago

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    There are also some great options for adventure in Ukraine- with plenty of National Parks to visit. The Dniester Delta National Park has abundant wildlife in its wetlands and the Golosiyivsky Park is great for trekking and cycling. about 8 years ago

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