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I'm planning a trip with a friend, and would love to hear from people who have actually done it.

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    Hi Robyn, Tracking the gorillas is huge fun. If you get the chance, you should definitely go for it. The experience is different for everyone. Here's a story about the first time I trekked the gorillas, in Uganda. This year I trekked the gorillas in Rwanda. Both were fantastic experiences, both quite different.
    On my first trip, we didn't have that much interaction, but I adored the trek, the whole trekking experience and being amongst these gentle creatures.
    On my second gorilla trekking adventure, two large gorillas were in the bamboo above our heads. We were wondering if they were going to fall on top of us - all you could hear was grunting and farting! It was hilarious.
    As for whether you decide to go to Rwanda or Uganda, both countries have very well well organised operations. It costs $600 in Uganda and $750 in Rwanda. Rwanda is more accessible, because the gorilla trekking area is only about three hours from the capital. Uganda has a lot more to do though, so you can combine gorilla trekking with safaris and a lot of other activities. http://muzungubloguganda.com/2010/04/gorilla-trekking-bwindi-uganda/ about 5 years ago

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