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My question includes places, cities, beaches, activities...and all kind of adventures!

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    The answer depends on your holiday/travel dates and your priorities.
    Let me know how many days you plan for your trip and your priorities (like #1. historical places, #2. nature/sightseeings, #3. beach+sun etc.), I will write some places, cities etc. you should not miss.... almost 10 years ago

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    Istanbul is amazing, very exotic. Besides all the famous religious & musemn buildings including the Blue Mosque (& the bazaar), a boat trip on the Bosphorus is a must. This waterway separates the European and Asian continent. On the last night we dined in an outdoor restaurant on a height on the Asian side of the Bosphorous watching the sun set over Europe. it doesn't get much better than that.

    Outside Istanbul my favourite place that we visited was Cappadocia. I have known people who have travelled all over the world & seen alot of sight to be blown away by its extended vista. The landscape is formed from a volcanic rock called tufa which is alot softer than basalt which is a more hardened volcanic rock. Because of its softness, tufa is easily eroded by wind & sand & carved into. This results in a landscape of chimney like structures streching for miles & manmade 'caves' dug out for storage in the hills. Centuries ago when Christians were persecuted here they built underground 'cities' . We stayed in a hotel that came direct out of a Smurfs programme, The vista is captivating.

    I didn't get to travel to the south west but Pamukkale is well worth seeing, I Iuckily visited a similar landscape from Oaxaca in Mexico, the only 2 places in the world with this stunning landscape. Antalya has a nice beach & good sailing on the Meditterrean but the place itself didn't grab me barr the nice hotel we stayed in. almost 10 years ago

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    Hello again,
    I think you would like to take a look at this site:
    This web site is the official tourism portal of Turkiye. You will be able to find list of historical and cultural destinations, photos, information and some videos. almost 10 years ago

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    Turkey is a stunning and very diverse country with lots to appeal to pretty much everyone. There is amazing architecture and history at almost every turn, coupled with lovely people and amazing food. It's a country that has a great network for bus travel, some air travel and is still fairly cheap - depending on where you go.

    I have always liked Istanbul for a few days out of the hot season (avoid May-August) but it is a large city so after a couple of days I prefer to go elsewhere. The Princes' Islands nearby offer an alternative.

    I lived on the Med Coast for a couple of years, so my answers are "slanted" to that area.

    For beaches you have Fethiye/Calis which I avoid if I can! Too busy in the season. I prefer something a bit smaller such as Kaputas. Kalkan round to Kumluca doesnt have the best sand beaches at all, but it does improve the closer to Antalya you get. The alternative is swimming platforms - ie, sun loungers on a platform and being able to jump into the cold crisp sea.

    For history in that region, you have Letoon, Xantos, Phaseylis, Arkinda etc etc. All amazing.

    For activities, I know from Kas you can scuba, swim, do boat trips (day, overnight and longer), sky dive, paraglide, walk up in the Taurus Mountains, visit Saklikent Gorge etc. You could hire a car (although expensive) and head up into the mountains behind Kas - we did this as a safari in a small group and really liked it.

    The food is great - dont miss out on the different types of kebab - my favourite is Iskender Kebap. Delicious. The local cheese, olives, honey, tomatoes and fresh bread make a feast fit for a King and are very cheap and easily available. Fish is another great option but can be pricey so know what you are paying for before you eat it.

    All the little dishes (mezes) make a wonderful meal - okra in tomato sauce, humous, cacik, stuffed vegetables and vine leaves, small bite sizes of liver fried with tomatoes etc etc. Gorgeous.

    For drink, you could try a fresh orange juice although I like the slightly sour cherry juice. Alcohol is available with locally made gin or vodka, beer such as Efes or for those that dare, Raki - an aniseed based drink which has a kick almost 10 years ago

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    hey guys. you'll enjoy your trip to istanbul, be sure about that -) almost 10 years ago

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