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i mean are the riots goin to spread to turkey aswell? will it be safe to travel on holiday there?

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    Carly, I think it's very unlikely you'll see the same level of protests which have destabilised Tunisia, Egypt and are affecting other countries in the region.
    The one thing all those countries have in common is dictatorial rule, with no free or fair elections, and a long subjugation of the people (usually brutally). Turkey is a parliamentary democracy where elections are conducted with openness and respect for the people's wishes. Neither is Turkey as poor as some of the other countries in the region, so there's not the same pressing demands from a large mass of impoverished citizens.
    Nowhere is totally "safe" but if you follow a few guidelines, take care and use 'common sense' you should be perfectly fine to holiday in Turkey, along with the other 28.6 Million people who visited the country in 2010.
    To help you equip yourself for the trip have a look at these articles in the WorldNmads safety hub. They're going to be part of our feature destination of the month in March, but you can have a sneak preview.
    p.s. Hasan, if your unhelpful and offensive comment is still online - pull your head in. Not even funny! almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    As Phil stated, Turkey has a parliamentary democracy and the next elections will take place in June 2011-this year. Currently, the country is very much stable in terms of security and there is no demand of protests from the people. Also, the current political party is the highest candidate for winning the elections with no coalitions. Thus, the economy or the political situation will be more stable.
    And to point out one thing, Turkey is the only different in terms of regime/rule and politically stable country in the region.

    Yet again, as Phil stated above, there is no "safe" place or country. Do a research on places you want to travel on the net. Ask here for specific locations, get information and do your planning accordingly. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by sas via Site_iconTravellr.com
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