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I am planning on visiting Cappadocia, Pamukkale, and Ephesus when I'm in Turkey. All the tours that I have looked at come out to be at least 670 euros, which is a lot for me. Therefore, I am wondering if it is possible to book my own hotels and plan my own itineraries? Is it easy to travel around in those cities? Will I run intro any problems or be in any danger? Thank you.

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  • Yes, we did it a couple of years ago. With the Internet it's super easy. We flew everywhere (flights are cheap) and Tripadvisor or sites like that have great and accurate recommendations for hotels etc. It was all easy and great! Leigh Evans over 6 years ago

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    Yes it is although you do realise there's a huge difference in area. Where are you starting your trip? We've done all of these in a hire car and chosen hotels en route. Our base was Fethiye and although didn't do it all in one trip, we drove to Cappadocia (amazing incidentally) and it took a couple of days. Stayed in a cave hotel. When we drove to Ephesus it took just a day and we stayed overnight afterwards at Kuşadası in a hotel on the seafront. Pamukkale is very near Ephesus so you could do that at the same time. Hire cars in Turkey should cost approx £20 per day to hire, petrol isn't inexpensive though. Around the same as the UK. over 6 years ago

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    • Hi Elsa, I'm starting my trip in Istanbul. The thing is I don't drive, so I was planning on flying from Istanbul to Cappadocia then to Pamukkale and Ephesus. Minh over 6 years ago
    • When you were there, did you notice if public transportation or taxis were readily available to travel from and to the tourist attraction sites? Thank you for your response, by the way. Minh over 6 years ago
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    Keep in your mind
    max coach price 20€ between any city
    max city bus, dolmuş, sightseeing bus etc. price is 5€ in any city
    max reasonable hotel price is 30€ for a night
    max complete meal price is 15 € ( soup snack meal salad desert drink coffe tea )

    I give you 5 days including Extras İstanbul 1 night and Ankara 1 night you can make all of them Cappadocia 2 night Efes and Pamukkale 2 night

    6 night x 30 € = 180 €
    3 locations x 20€ = 60€
    Only 3 complete meals because you can't eat that much if u eat you cant walk :) 45€
    You can take 10 inner city connection 50€
    Souveniers museum entrance tips etc 70€
    Yep you can do it for 425 € MAX f
    believe me with a good plan u can make it 250€
    Feel free to ask details have a nice trip over 6 years ago

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    Don't worry, you will not be in danger unless you walk alone in the middle of the night in quiet streets. (general risk worldwide) You can visit those cities by yourself but it is always good to be well organised. İstanbul is great and worth to stay more than 1 night. Can't say the same thing for Ankara (boring capital). You can fly from İstanbul to (nehşehir or kayseri which are close cities to Cappadoccia) and get in to town by hotel shuttles. Flying from Cappadoccia to Ephesus will also be a time saver. If you will prefer coach, you may have some language problems but don't worry, places you are trying to visit are very touristic locations and people are very helpfull. Don't forget to bargain, at least take your chance. over 6 years ago

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    Flights are pretty cheap and easy. We flew from Istanbul to cappadoccia, make sure you stay in Goreme...it's absolutely amazing!
    We stayed in Kismet Cave there which was wonderful. We hired a car as well although it would be fine to just stay in Goreme a few days as it's small and easy to get around walking. Book the balloon trips from there too. Fabulous place! We went back 3 other trips it was so good. over 6 years ago

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    Thank you everyone for your responses! They've been very helpful! over 6 years ago

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    It is very easy and comfortable to take inter-city buses in Turkey (although ask around for the best companies). Flying is also fairly inexpensive (and the distance from Cappadocia to anywhere is considerable).
    You don't need to book tours - it is very easy to see all the sites you wish on your own.
    I would not recommend renting a car however, unless y also get a driver. According to my travel medicine doctor, driving in Turkey is the most dangerous activity for foreigners as the rules of the road are not always followed by locals. Plus, if there is an accident, the foreigner is extremely likely to be blamed and have to bear the costs, at least initially. Take the bus. over 6 years ago

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    Driving in Turkey is not dangerous. The roads are good. Yes, you do need to take care driving as in any country, foreign or otherwise. You also have to ensure you have your documents with you ie: driving license and passport. I have driven in Turkey many times and have driven to Cappodocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale and beyond and so am speaking with experience. over 6 years ago

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    I don't know if you considered to see İstanbul, but I think you should. :) over 6 years ago

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