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Airports in Istanbul

about 7 years ago about Istanbul, Turkey

I'm about to book my daughter a flight from Istanbul to Budapest .... I've found a number of flights from Ataturk airport but they are all with 1 stop ..... My question is about Sabiha airport ..... I've found a direct flight from there and it's really cheap ..... Is Sabiha a hassle to get to from Istanbul? If not ill book it but would love a heads up on convenience and whether the cost and direct flight is worth it? Thanks so much ..... ( worried mum :0) Sam

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    Hi Samantha
    I recommend you get in contact with Havatas public bus transfers - nice comfy transfers. They offer direct transfers from Taksim to Sabiha in every half hour from Taksim. Only issue is I am unable to advise you on where to get the Havatas from in Taksim because they recently made major road changes in the Taksim area. Their website advises that it is just down from Taksim Square now - but not sure how recent this advice is. Literally the new roads opened last week. So a call or email to them would clear up how you find them. Its not a hassel just that it takes more time to get there then going to Ataturk Aiport - allow 1.5 hours for travel to be sure of traffic. The Havatas to the Sabiha aiport is 13TL per person. Contact details and itineraries:
    http://havatas.com.tr/en/coach.aspx?i=2 about 7 years ago

    Answered by Leeann Murphy via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Thanks so much x about 7 years ago

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    Cheap way is havatas but the point is how to get havatas stations. Thats way we suggest private transfer. almost 6 years ago

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