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    Yes, it is. That's what I did when I visited Istanbul, twice.You can hire a taxi from a trusted company at the many counters located at the airport arrival area. They price is pretty much the same at all of them. I don't remember how much I paid (also for a run to the old city), but I remember that in general, taxis are not expensive in Istambul, compared to other world big cities. over 7 years ago

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    It as been a while since I've been to Turkey, so I can't comment on the cost of a taxi. But Istanbul taxis have been notorious for overcharging tourists, usually by confusing people just off a flight and tired with the exchange rate. Ask in the airport how much the taxi should be, clarify this with the driver, and then then double check before you hand over your cash. With these precautions you should be fine.
    My tips for travelling in Turkey: https://traveleater.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/turkey/ over 7 years ago

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    The cost of a taxi from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet would be approx 35TL - 40TL, depending on traffic. Make sure their meter is on when you get in (it usually is these days). You'll see it in the centre console. I would NOT ask how much it is and pay upfront - absolute no no - the meter will determine the cost at the end of the trip - like any civilised city around the world. The taxis are lined up out the front of the Airport terminal and you simply get in when a taxi becomes available. Don't go to a counter inside - it could be a private shuttle service that will charge more. Just exit the terminal and line up for a taxi. When you get your driver just hand over your hotel name and address. The taxis are yellow here - you can't miss them! over 7 years ago

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    Another alternative is to walk out of the airport and follow the Metro signs down to the right as you exit. Ask any security person and they will point you there with ease. You can buy a token for 3 lira in the self-explanatory machine (with English instructions) and board the train. Go 5-6 stops until you get to Zeytenburnu (or something like that) then exit and take the tram right across from you for another 3 lira. The tram to Kalatas passes through virtually any area you will be staying (Sultanamet, Beyoglu, etc). It will take you about an hour total, but is really super easy and by as complicated as it sounds. An easy way to see the basics of the city and save at least $15-20 bucks! over 7 years ago

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    I second the suggestion about taking public transportation. You will most likely be using it your entire time to get around Istanbul (it is very easy, fast, and clearly marked), so why not start now? Depending on how long your stay in Istanbul is, you can either buy single use tokens at the metro stops (short stay) or purchase an IstanbulKart, a transit pass that I think costs TL6-10. You can use one IstanbulKart for all people in your group (think, stand and tap card at entry point for everyone, they go in one at a time and you enter last). You can charge these at all metro stops via an electronic kiosk or most mini shops/convenience stores and can use them on the metro, buses (I think you are required to have the pass - no cash), and some ferries. Not sure if you are able to purchase it upon arrival at the airport, but it is worth looking into.

    If you are taking a taxi, please make sure that the meter is at "0" before flag drop, and also confirm that your rate is for TL - Turkish Lira, BEFORE leaving. I lived in Istanbul for 6 months recently and my parents came to visit, took a taxi and somehow was convinced it was actually 50 EURO, which is almost 3x the price of TL. Albeit, they were staying in the Taksim area so it was further than the Old City/Sultanahmet area so the trip and price were greater, but it was still supposed to be TL...Boo. about 7 years ago

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    You can use taxi without any problem but they can go over different places to cover little bit more. Safe way is having a private transfer that we can arrange for you. almost 6 years ago

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