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A bit on a short notice, but after spending a few days in Istanbul for the first time, I could really use some help. The printed guides are either outdated or misleading, and I trust the locals the most. I am looking for a restaurant where the four of us can have a dinner tomorrow (Dec 31st). What we are looking for is: not too fancy/expensive, good preferably local food/cuisine and a cozy setting. All location from Taksim to Sultanahmet are ok! I will visit the places you suggest and try to book a table in the morning. Thanks!

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    Hey Riba. It was late for the answer. However I can suggest you a place just how you want. Its at Taksim. At the end of Taksim (where you can find Şişhane Metro Station) there is a street called Asmalı Mescit. The restaurant is in there. Initially place yourself on Tünel Square, in front of nostaljik tünel (karaköy tünel). There is a narrow street which enters to Asmalı way. When you enter the street it turns left immediately. There it is. After you turn left. You see the place at the corner, where you see a turn to right.
    If you dont understand anything from my guide, here is the name 'Helvetia', and the link: http://fesmekan.mynet.com/mekan/helvetia

    have fun and bueno petito :) about 8 years ago

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    Thanks Ugur! Seems like the place I was looking for, it is not too late, I think we will give it a shot tomorrow. about 8 years ago

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