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Just wondering if there could be a major problem at the airport. Did it in Greece, and no problem there. Wondering why tour co. is pushing this.

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    wich date your visa finished leet me know detay information please and leet me know where are you from and if some thing from turkey sure we are ready for help almost 8 years ago

    Answered by ugursan via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I'm from the US and just entered Turkey 3 days ago. For US citizens the 90 tourist visa is $20 and issued at the airport. Tourist visa prices do vary depending on what country you are from. almost 8 years ago

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    Pat what country are you from? You can easily buy your visa at the airport for most major countries. Most can buy it just before going through passport control - no questions asked. Do not pay the $150 until you have contacted your Turkish embassy in your country to confirm the visa requirements. Sounds like someone is trying to make a quick buck out of you!!!! almost 8 years ago

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    I am from the US. I am going to get the visa at the airport. I am grateful for the help! almost 8 years ago

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