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    Where are you going? I was in Istanbul and surrounding areas last month, very safe.
    Istanbul has many European tourists, and itself has a very European flare. The weather is still spring-like, probably still need a sweater, pants. There isn't a dress code per say about 8 years ago

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    Overall it's safe. I have never travelled alone there but never had any issues.
    It's rare to see women in short shorts or dresses. I wore a summer dress on a metro in Istanbul and received unwanted staring from men. about 8 years ago

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    Rafaella, Turkey is pretty cosmopolitan, especially the big cities. As in most places though, there are more conservative values in remote and rural areas. nothing extreme, but those cut-off shorts that leave nothing to the imagination should be saved for the tourist resorts.
    WorldNomads.com has some great tips on staying safe in Turkey here:
    and a funny article about the general level of harrassment here:
    Nothing too much to worry about.
    Phil from the safety hub about 8 years ago

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    Many thanks your posts were really helpfull! about 8 years ago

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    Travelling around Turkey as a single woman is relatively safe but, as always, caution should be exercised and you need to be aware of where you are and your situation. I have moved around Turkey on my own and been completely fine.

    I dress conservatively but will wear shorts and t-shirts without any problems, as well as dresses etc, but everything that I wear is not skimpy - so the shorts come to my knees and the t-shirt has sleeves, for example.

    I have found that people want to chat with you all the time - on the bus, waiting for a taxi etc. I have always worked out that sometimes these innocent chats are a lead in for something else. A friend of mine now refuses to engage in chit-chat but I actually like it but I also know enough Turkish so can understand what they are talking about when they speak to each other.

    My suggestions would be to not go off with a stranger, to always ensure that you know roughly where you are going, especially at night, dress modestly, take a wrap when you are on the overnight bus so you can cover up, dont accept drinks from a stranger etc etc. Probably be the same as you would at home - not everyone is out to trick or hurt you, but there will always be the odd one or two who will try their luck. about 8 years ago

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    You dont need to dress special of course! In istanbul try avoiding the small narrow streets in istiklal taksim region about 8 years ago

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