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Do you think that will be too dangerous to make a trip to the city of Remada at this time because of the war near the border with Libya?

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    If I was to give a one word answer, it would be yes. Remada is situated dangerously near the border of Libya and if you pay any attention to the news you will see that this country is in utter, bloody turmoil.

    There are a large amount of people trying to flee Libya, and one of their most popular choices is into Tunisia so there is great tension simply due to the influx of Libyan refugees. This is completely disregarding Tunisia's own overthrowing of its government - Tunisia is a pretty unstable country in its own right as a result of this. Remember, it was the Tunisian uprising which ousted Ben Ali that led to the uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere.

    We cant tell you what to do or where to go, but my advice is to step into Tunisia right now would be highly dangerous, especially considering you are a traveller. Being a local is one thing - but to put it simply, your status as a traveller may compromise you.


    Jesse - World Nomads Travel Safety Hub about 9 years ago

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    There is no such a thing as a zero risk, however it is not "dangerous" to travel to Remada. The question remains why do you want to go to Remada in the first place, especially during this troubled period. Remada has never been really on the tourist trail. about 9 years ago

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