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My son is due to go there in August and just worried a lot going on in neighbouring countries too rather he be safe than sorry.

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    Charlie, Phil at the Safety Hub here. What's planned for July is an election not a coup (thankfully), but that has been postponed for 3 months, the interim government says it wants to properly prepare for a fair election.
    Tunisia was the first place the "Arab spring" emerged and there's been a lot of change. The pace of reform is slower than some would like and that's causing some tension, but it seems unlikely that will spill over into a new revolution before August.
    The World Bank has confidence in Tunisia's future, they've just loaned them $500 million to help them through the transition period.
    The Tunisian interim government has re-launched tourism with a big (and controversial) advertising campaign in Europe, which would indicate they're prepared to do their best to make the country safe for visitors. They need the foreign money that comes with tourists, I think they'll be doing everything they can to make the place safe and attractive.
    It remains decidedly dangerous to travel to the border regions with Libya and Algeria. Travel in the desert (especially near the Algerian border) should be done only in the company of a reputable tour operator and as part of a group (there is a risk of kidnap otherwise).
    In the end it's up to you as a family to decide what's right, given your son's experience as a traveller, where he intends to go and what he intends to do. However it's not like he's trying to take a trip to Tripoli!!!
    With his travel insurance, make sure you all understand exactly what is and is not covered. Read the policy and the pds very carefully so you are sure about what coverage he would have if there were another insurrection, what his options would be and who he should call in an emergency.
    Phil over 9 years ago

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    Hi Charlie,
    I have just returned from 14 days in Tunisia - 30 km from Sousse and staying in a small village. My visit was fine and it is my 4th visit to Tunisia. My husband is Tunisian, so mostly I stayed with the family. We did go briefly to Port El Kantaoui, where we experienced no problems at all and also took a day trip to Sousse, which was peaceful.

    I took lots of shared taxi rides in the local area with locals and did not experience any negativity toward me as a Westerner anywhere at all, of course! I travelled from Munich with a plane load of German tourists and the ones I saw on the return voyage whose faces I recognised looked happy. Also the family seated near me had a good time, at a Hammamet resort, I believe. All the other people at the airport, looked happy as though they had a good holiday. I got info from my travel agent, my Governments travel advisory, World Nomads travel advice, www.couchsurfing.org forums, (the Tunisia group), asking locals such as my husband, and Tunisia.com and also reading local news. Also see my reply to Debras question about Hammamet. I only returned on 20th June and would have happily stayed longer. I timed my visit because of the election's proposed date, but as you can see it is now postponed. So many Tunisians depend on tourism for their jobs and they have suffered a lot financially due to the lack of tourism recently. However your son's personal safety is paramount as is his peace of mind, so good luck with your research. I would not hesitate to return tommorow if I could but I would avoid regions with warnings such as Phil mentioned, be careful and be up to date with my information and so importantly insurance! Cheers. over 9 years ago

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