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i am going to tunisia in june, will it be safe? from debra

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    They've had (are having) a revolution, so things are unpredictable, although it is calm at the moment. There's the occasional protest in Tunis but only very small and not violent.
    The US government says public order has been restored in the coastal, tourist zone, from Tunis to Sousse, but they warn against going further south, or to the western or central parts of Tunisia (in the south east there are 40-50 thousand Libyans trying to flee across the border!). Hammamet is bang in the middle of the so-called safer part.
    Things could change quickly and June is (relatively) a long way off, so you need to keep an eye on things over there.
    I'd talk to your travel provider (and your travel insurance company) about what their plans are in case it turns ugly again. What criteria do they apply for cancelling the trip, and what are you likely to get as way of refunds etc. At least you'll be able to take some of the anxiety out of the equation.
    Who knows, by June this could all be ancient history. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hi Debra
    We are flying to Tunisia ( Resort Port El Kantaoui ) tomorrow I was ok at first but now im very worried about going do you think its safe?? as im really thinking about not going
    Please reply asap
    Many thanks
    Eric over 9 years ago

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    Hello Debra, I am wondering if you had your planned holiday in Tunisia June? Or maybe you are in Tunisia right now. At a Hammamet resort you would have been/would be fine, in my opinion based on the fact that I just returned from there myself and was not staying in a resort but in a country region. If you are anywhere in the world and behave in a safe manner, your chances of having a safe holiday are maximised. I wanted to avoid Tunis the capital in case there was a demonstration, which is kind of ridiculous, probably, but we went to Sousse for a day visit and stayed in Port El Kantaoui. Apart from those regions being a little quiet, which did not bother me, but bothered my Tunisian husband, it was fine and no problems at all. Anyone travelling to any part of Tunisia or in fact the world, should get the facts about how things are in the region they plan to go to, as you did. Also I did research by looking on websites such as Tunisia.com where people from Europe and the UK and other countries who have moved to Tunisia and now live there, post regularly about the situation there and local news. Because people do ask, "is it safe?". Also by subscribing to your governments travel advice and letting your embassy know where you are as well as friends and family and all that kind of thing, copies of your documents and not carrying too much cash around etc. Hope that if you did go to this amazing country that you had a nice time, or if you postponed, that you do go as soon as you can, as they need the tourism for one thing. Cheers and let us know if you went. My visit was from June 4, 2011 - June 18 2011. Definately I would and did suscribe to travel advice from my Government and looked at other travel advices and your own country's travel advice would have advice or warnings about any regions that are considered unsafe to travel. E.g. my Govt warns against Australians going to the Algerian/Tunisian border region unless absolutely necessary. Never having been there I can not give a view of that region. There has been some recent trouble, in Metlauoi which was among locals, not directed at tourists or Westerners. If you see trouble such as a protest, leave the area. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Sue Joslin via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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