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    Hi JoAnne, Phil from the WorldNomads safety hub here, I'm sure you're aware but there's been significant political upheaval in Tunisia recently. What's just happened in Egypt happened in Tunisia first. There's a State of Emergency in place since the departure of the ousted president, although a curfew was lifted just yesterday. The country is returning to normal, but there are still pockets of unrest and political violence.
    I see you're American - your State Department is advising citizens to defer all non-essential travel to Tunisia because of on-going instability.
    I'm not saying don't go, just be aware of what's happening in Tunisia and the region as a whole. Have a look at our articles on the topic, there's some good advice in there about how to avoid trouble and what to do if it all goes belly up.
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    • Desertakakus, you'll see the original answer was 2 years ago. Things have indeed settled down significantly. Phil Ask Phil almost 7 years ago

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