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    Until last night I would have told you the situation is under control and widespread flooding in central Bangkok was unlikely.... now I'm not so sure. The Governor of Bangkok has told the residents to prepare for extensive flooding.
    The failure of some flood barriers, the inability to close some sluice gates and other problems has allowed a lot of water to enter northern Bangkok. The area around Don Muang (the old airport) is flooded. There was 10 - 20 cms of water on Samsen Rd (soi 6) yesterday after a dyke wall collapsed - it's since been rebuilt.
    Despite all that - to date - no tourist attractions IN BANGKOK have been flooded, and obviously the authorities are doing their best to make sure that doesn't happen. We can only hope they're successful.
    The next 48 hours are critical and after that we should have a clearer picture of the extent of flooding. In the worst case scenario, the flooding will cut roads, bring transport to a halt and therefore cause food shortages, the power may be cut and there's a risk of disease from contaminated floodwater.
    As a relatively wealth visitor, you will be better able to cope with the situation and it will be more an inconvenience than a danger.... unless something goes wrong. In which case you may not be able to access medications if you run out, if large numbers of people decide to leave Bangkok you may not be able to get an early flight our for yourself, if you become ill it may be difficult to get to a hospital, the hospital may be flood-affected or very busy, emergency medical teams may find it difficult to find their way to you, etc. It has the POTENTIAL to be dangerous.
    As I said the next 48 hours will tell. Best places to keep abreast of events are at the Bangkok Post online (www.bangkokpost.com) Richard Barrow a Thai-based journalist has excellent coverage here (www.thaitravelblogs.com) and TravelFish the S.E. Asia guide has good coverage too (http://bit.ly/pPYQWX)
    If you are going to Bangkok in the next day or two: call your airline, travel provider, hotel and tour agency NOW and ask them what their plans are in the event of major flooding. about 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Stay away from Bangkok at present if possible, the news reporting on the floods has been terrible and lack of information posted for everyone due to the scale of the problems. They predict more problems for several weeks to come. Traveling around Bangkok is a nightmare at present due to road closures and thousands of cars parked on the freeways or any road high enough. If you are still coming to Thailand make plans to visit Phuket maybe instead as all things are fine there. I get my hotels for Thailand here http://www.ihotelthai.com about 9 years ago

    Answered by Bruce Lockyear via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Today, Oct. 24th, the main water mass has breached Bangkok on the northern side. Domestic airport, Don Mueng, is expected to close soon. Anyway the water is clawing now due to the effort of the government. Suwarnabhumi Airport should be safe from the flood. If you plan for northern or southern part of the country you should be fine now. For Bangkok, if you just want to visit with no other important business, you should wait for a month. about 9 years ago

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