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Is it safe to travel to Bangkok with the floods that have been happening lately?

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    Clare, flooding poses some serious health risks (think about sewage systems overflowing - you might see some things you'd rather not floating down the street!). It's also dangerous to walk through floodwaters because you cannot see the pothole you're about to trip on and break your ankle. Driving through them is equally risky. Obviously drinking water supplies can be compromised with dire health consequences.
    However the sad truth is that relatively wealthy foreign visitors are able to protect themselves from most of those risks simply because they are able to afford to move to accommodation on higher ground and can afford to buy bottled water - these things are not always possible for poorer locals, so for them this is a very dangerous event. For you it's more like a potential risk and an inconvenience.
    But it's worth noting that not all of Bangkok will be flooded, there will be areas which remain dry.
    Bangkok floods at this time of year every year, because of the monsoons and the fact it is barely above sea level.
    This year has been particularly wet - plus there are king tides due this week which will mean the floodwater coming downriver will meet sea water coming up river.
    There is an extensive flood barrier around Bangkok, which will reduce the impact (other towns in northern Thailand have flooded because they DO NOT have those barriers).... but if the water rises high enough it may breach Bangkok's defences. If that will happen is still in the balance - the government says measurements show the river levels are not critically high, but then again these are the worst floods in 50 years. You probably won't know it's going to flood until it floods.
    Basically, anywhere along the Chao Praya river is at risk of inundation, here's a map of vulnerable spots:
    Dates when the tides and the floods coincide are October 13 - 17 and the next king tide on October 26 - 31.
    If it stops raining the floodwaters will eventually move on (as they always do) so if you're not going to Bangkok till November or later you shouldn't have anything to worry about. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Re BANGKOK FLOODS, Presently at today's date 25/10 things are only getting worse and unfortunately more run-off water from the north and rain on the way. The governor of Bangkok today has warned residents to prepare for flood waters to reach further into the city from outer suburban areas over the next few days.The PM has said it may be a month or so before things get back to normal and that's only when the water starts to recede, which know one can predict. Supermarkets in Bangkok are empty due to panic buying and residents are running out of basic items like bottled water, infant formula and some food lines etc as many local factory's are flooded or if they are open they can't transport anything due to the road closures or get staff to work.
    Sadly it has been reported that about 4 billion cubic meters of water is approaching Bangkok (described by some as a wall of water).The levels in the Chao Phraya were reported yesterday afternoon to be 2.30 meters (7.5 feet) above sea level, which is a record that exceeds the 2.27-meter water level peak reached in 1995. Unfortunately Bangkok city only has an average elevation of less than 2 meters above sea level and the natural way for this water from the north to reach the ocean is through Bangkok.
    So your best option honestly would be to plan not to visit Bangkok (if possible) or make "soft open plans" to visit. Bangkok will quickly recover but it's uncertain when that will start to happen. Don't get put off though by the floods, you can visit Phuket, Phi Phi or Samui and many other places instead they are all fine and business as usual. If you need a hotel when you visit i use this site for the best rates http://www.ihotelthai.com over 9 years ago

    Answered by Lani Jones via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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