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I'm also looking to do some light shopping. I'm planning to travel with a carry-on and buy shirts, pants, shorts etc.. as I need them.

I'd like to consider that in my budget. Thank you

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    Fadi that is a hard thing to advise on depends on what you want to do, eg party, eat and drink? Anywhere from $10 - $100 will cover it per day + hotels + internal flights transport etc. Accom can be real cheap from $8 a day. You have the right idea about light travel in Thailand as clothes are real cheap, have fun. about 9 years ago

    Answered by Pamela Anderson via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Definitely some partying. I also want to "live as a local", if you will. Not very interested in overly touristy things. On the same note I don't want to spend to extravagantly. I was thinking max $50 a day not including accommodations. Does that sound reasonable? about 9 years ago

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    Thailand has always been good on the pocket ! $50 sounds easily enough. Food should set you back about $20 but it's always the booze that will rack up your budget. Clothes will be cheap also and you should be able to get plenty for about $100. about 9 years ago

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    I figured Alcohol would be the drawback. Thanks Pamela. Thanks Chris. about 9 years ago

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    It depends on your standard. As Pamela said, you can find housing for as low as 8-10$ a day, but that may not be air conditioned. For air conditioning, plan on a bit more, maybe 12$ a day. For food, if you can eat like a local you can find a meal for as low as 35 baht (a bit more than a dollar). A small can of beer from 7/11 will cost about 30 baht, more at local cafes, but not much. If you want western food expect to pay much more, maybe 3-7$ for a simple meal. Travel is not much if you use a bus. A trip of seven hours may cost between 300-500 baht (10-17$). Private transport, like a taxis, is much more. To answer you, if you are wise, 50$ a day is more than enough. about 9 years ago

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