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thinking about renting a car in phuket to drive across country with 2 friends. im english and have a full driving license. what details would i need. plus is it wise to drive any alternatives?

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    Was in Phuket last December. Rented an old Suzuki SUV. A call to the car rental co. and have it delivered to anywhere you fancy ( hotel lobby in my case ). Just remember to check fuel gauge before taking it for a spin. Overall, a nice convenience to have in an island like Phuket which is a not so big place and plenty to see. over 9 years ago

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    Depends on dealer. over 9 years ago

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    Joshua, if you obtain an International Driving permit before you leave home you'll be okay to drive in Thailand.
    The IDP is not valid in the country it is issued, hence get it before you go. AA and RAC issue them. It is not a LICENSE, just a permit, so it does NOT give you permission to operate a vehicle you're not licensed for at home - so if you don't have a motorcycle license at home it doesn't magically give you one in Thailand.
    If you drive in Thailand without one, you'll be able to avoid prosecution by paying "fines" (ie bribes) to any police officer who stops you, BUT you will be legally unlicensed, so if you have a crash your travel insurer won't be helping you (with damage or medical bills). So just get one.
    Driving in Thailand is a bit crazy, especially in the big cities, but not prohibitively so. Just expect the unexpected and drive very defensively. It's not the place for inexperienced or timid drivers.
    Phil over 9 years ago

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    When I was in Bangkok for 6 weeks, I sat in traffic for hours a day. Take the train if you will be in the city and if it's possible, although in 2004 I know the train didn't go everywhere. Otherwise, depending on where you stay, taxis will get you around just fine. over 9 years ago

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    (1) have an IDP issued in your own country
    (2) make sure their is first class insurance on the vehicle, and know your liabilities when you rent the vehicle
    (3) photograph the whole car upon getting it
    avoid large cities, esp. Bankok until you have a good deal of expertise
    (4) have the phone number of a thai lawyer in thailand with you
    (5) avoid driving on the highways at night

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    I've been trying to purchase an IDP from the post office. I've found out that I can buy one at the post office situated in Heathrow Airport T3 if anyone needs to know. If you look on the PO website and search for International Driving Permit, you can use their search facility adding your departure airport as a starting point. Just make sure you take a passport size photo and your paper driving license with you. almost 8 years ago

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