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Thailand is a Buddhist country. And you can find monks walking in the crowd almost everywhere all the time. Also, Thai Buddhist monks are not allowed to accept offerings directly from women. Their Vinaya Rule specifies that if a Thai monk touches or is touched by a woman, it is an offense — a very serious offense. I think this question is really important because women tourists may find themselves taken by the beauty of Thailand and if they may spot a Buddhist monk in the crowd they most likely may just run up to said monk and start touching them AND ask for a picture to be taken together or may unknowingly make a direct offering to them . Thailand may be the only country that takes this as an offense, opposed to the monks that are from Burmese, Sri Lankan, Tibetan and Mahayana traditions who usually allow women to make an offering directly to them.

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    Thailand. over 9 years ago

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    I was seated in a ferry boat that was to soon cross the river in Ayutthaya when I noticed a monk come on the boat and sit down. In just a moment a female tourist sat next to him. Not saying a word, he moved to another spot. In one more minute another foreign woman sat next to him. Again he quietly moved to another spot. As he was settling into his new seat another female tourist entered the boat and aimed to sit in the empty space next to him. I jumped up and sat in that spot. The monk looked at me with a relaxed smile. “How long have you been in Thailand” he asked. about 9 years ago

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