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I am travelling to Asia and have been told to take some USD in low denominations - i don't want to pay a huge fee as i will only be exchanging $500 AUD

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    hey Kim, are you Sydney based? I had much the same issue for a trip to Burma recently. Best rates I found with zero commission was actually the Western Union counter at the entrance to Wynyard station on the George street side. I'll be using them again.

    I'd happily travel to Thailand with just plastic though. Visa is widely accepted and ATM's are everywhere. The main reason you might want a little USD in advance is so you can stash it away somewhere safe away from your plastic just in case that gets stolen. That way you'll always have a small backup reserve. over 9 years ago

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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the tip! I am based in Sydney, so will give Western Union a go... i will take my visa card too but i've heard some of the remote villages in Thailand/Laos/Cambodia will accept USD if you don't have local currency.

    Also will be nice to have some cash for safety just incase!

    Appreciate your help :) over 9 years ago

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    Phil here, not a safety thing, but recently I read a David Koch article (yea, the Sunrise guy - he was a finance journo first) about lowest exchange rates. He said the best rate and NO commission was at Australia Post offices. Depends on if the particular office has the US dollars in stock, so pick the larger and busier Australia Post offices. Maybe you could ring ahead (or walk in) and ask them to get some for you?. over 9 years ago

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    Thanks Phil, you're right, I just did some research and Australia Post is a Western Union agent, they charge no commission which is awesome.

    If you order your currency before midday they will have it by 4pm the following day - perfect!

    Cheers! over 9 years ago

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