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im going to thailand for the first time in april for 3 weeks and was wondering where are the best places to go so that i see alot in a short time? i enjoy anything to do with culture and aventure and i also want to go to a full moon party. any information would be useful thanx :)

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    Culture/ adventure: Chiang Mai. Go on a 3-day trek, and look for a package that includes rafting and elephant riding if you're into it, because they're all at the same place. There's heaps of agencies there, so you won't have problems finding what to do, and where.
    Pai is a much smaller, layed back town, with a great atmosphere. I happened to be there on the day of a party in the middle of the jungle, which was quite a memorable experience.
    I was in Kho Phangan for the "new year's full moon party" and it was crazy, and in kho phi phi they also have something (though you should definitely go there anyway, there's a lot more beyond parties over there...

    Oh! In Bangkok go to the Grand Palace and that's about it. Don't spend much of your precious time there!

    Have a good time :) almost 11 years ago

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    I'd suggest Wat Phu Tok in the far north-east. It isn't easy to get to, or wasn't 20 years ago, but not only is it a very curious place, it's in a part of the country less influenced by modern tourism. Great fun.


    Can't say the Full Party has much appeal and if you go it might well be worth reading this article on how to do so safely: http://journals.worldnomads.com/safetyhub/story/66535/Thailand/Full-Moon-Mayhem-Surviving-the-Party almost 11 years ago

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    To party id recommend Phuket! Hit up Bangla Road for all the nite clubs and the action on the streets including markets, street performances, lady boys, u name it and it will be on that road.

    during the day you should visit the surrounding islands. Generally these trips are cheap as include a couple of destinations such as monkey island, Phi Phi Island, and plenty of scenic beaches where u snorkell in the pristine waters with all the fish. Make sure you do the james bond island tour only if it includes the tour of cliffs on the rubber canoes in which u seen inside the guts of anicent caves!! Not many people tend to do this tour due the 'danger', but its nothing and it has to be seen.

    While on phuket go shooting, go karting, on dune buggies (be careful they're not usually in good condition), visit the waterfalls and see a snake show. Pay for a taxi driver to take you to a few places for a set price- buy him lunch and next time it'll be even cheaper n he/she will always remember you. Ive been using the same driver for years! Go fishing, these tours always include lunch and most drinks. Book any of these tours through the tour organisers on the streets and make sure u get what your payin for in writing!

    Patong beach itself isnt really that nice compared to the other beachs on island due to how packed they are and the rubbish in the water. but it def has the best atmosphere. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Mitch Clancy
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    If you are lookin for something more laid back and quiet go to Ko Samui for a more chilled atmosphere. Chill on the lounges lining the beach @ Arc Bar and the Mangoe Club and watch the sunset whilst drinkin buckets of jungle juice. The beaches here are clean and the activities such as jetskiing are cheaper to do here then Phuket, plus the shopping here rivals Phuket. Hire a scooter for around $10AUS a day n see all the waterfalls, the Big Buddah and elephants walking around the reserves. U could do the lap of the island in around 4hrs. Ferries to Ko Phangan leave for the full moon party off the main dock but i wouldnt spend too much time on KO Phangan as theres not much to do there other then the Full moon party.

    Pattaya is another option, but is not to everyones taste. Its 3hrs from Bangkok and is located along a beach with a history of being the sex capital of Thailand. Worth a look but I wouldnt spend more then a couple of days here. Maybe not the best place to take the family unless u wanna explain many things to them.

    Bangkok itself, make sure u do the floating markets, grand palace, go shopping at MBK (the shopping heart of Bangkok). Tiger temple is a must, but try to book the tour where you eat with the monks then feed and walk the tigers before the rest of the tours turn up. Khao San Rd is the place u wanna visit for ur backpacking or keen to mix with the locals and party with every other tourist. the clubs here are cheap and heaps fun! try the food off the street- its fine! try the bugs while your there too :). Shopping here is awesome, ul find everything!!

    Thailand is one of the cheapest and easiest places to travel so be adventurous! almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Mitch Clancy
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    Bangkok is a must. Stay near one of the sky trains and use this to get around. It will be hot and sticky in April so bear this in mind. Golden Palace is a must - I would do the tour myself unless you find one of the touts particularly fun and fancy spending a couple of hours with them. Remember to dress conservatively otherwise you will have to "hire" some of their clothes and shoes. I wore long trousers, sneakers, long sleeve T-shirt and had a scarf to cover my head when I went inside anywhere.

    The shopping is great - from high end designer to your fake Lolex at MBK if that's your thing. I always escape to Jim Thompsons for a nice cup of tea!

    The nightlife is interesting - depends what you want to see. I like finding a quiet bar away from the hurley-burley...and watching the world go by. Some superb restaurants and bars and some great hole-in-the-wall places too.

    Outside of BKK - I have been to Koh Samui which was okay but I found Chaweng Beach full on and preferred the quieter style at Star Huts on Koh Phangnang or TubTim on Koh Samet.

    For full moon parties, Koh Phangnang is your place to go - Hat Rin. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    If you come to Thailand on 13-15 April.
    You can enjoy with Songkran Festival.
    The think the best place for enjoy this festival
    is Chiang Mai. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Will via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Being in Thailand during Songkan (the water festival) will be a great experience no matter where you are but I have heard that Chiang Mai is good, also Erewan Waterfall in Kanchanaburi is where a lot of the locals go for Songkran and it is beautuful there (and you can swim in the falls).

    Ayutthaya, I think, is also under-rated and only a couple of hours from Bangkok, great old temples and not too touristy. Island wise - I prefer Koh Samet and Koh Tao to the more popular islands.

    It's really cheap and easy to get around by public transport (bus/train). I liked Thailand so much I've lived here for the past two years!! almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Teresa via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I am currently in Bangkok and would like to tour best area outside city within a few hours drive. I have seen Bangkok and have two days free and would to see country area or is it worth going to gulf/sea area. Maca. almost 10 years ago

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    Chiang Rai is cool. If you were heading to Chiang Mai, you might as well head across to Chiang Rai too. Chiang Rai is smaller and the pace of life is perfect. Not to rushed, things happen when they need to (although that could go for most of Thailand). Some cafes with internet access,so much great food, bars & night life if you want, but a relaxed part of Thailand.

    There is some great art trails around here including the amazing White Temple, check it out:
    Also another great Thai artist Promma Inyasri lives and works up here and his gallery is wonderful. Ph: 053 662 469.

    A bike ride around the area is a great way to catch some countryside. Here are a couple of tour operators.

    In ChiangRai itself there is some great 5 star hotels that are not expensive. There is a night market with open air restaurant which has entrainment on the stages every night. The food & beer is so cheap and yummo that I get excited just typing about it!
    Don't miss a Thai foot massage while you are up there
    Chiang Rai is close to the Golden Triangle so you can use it as a base and head a little further afield.
    For example the most amazing hotel on the banks of the Mae Kong river over looking Laos is Rai Saeng Arun:
    Just amazing place, grows its own food, not expensive and you may be able to work it into a cycling tour.
    Other things worth seeing within reach include crossing into Burma at Mae Sai (not everyone's cup of tea to be honest), or head up the mountain of Dai Tung, or visit the Hill tribe people who live in the border regions.
    My fave place in Thailand, cheap, friendly, nothing is too hard, just might take time or $$ (not many $$ - nothing is expensive up here), great place to relax. It is a place that tourists can enjoy without feeling like the tourists become an attraction themselves.
    Make yourself aware of the numerous tourist scams to separate you from your money and be patient.
    Have fun. Thailand rocks! almost 10 years ago

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    If you are headed to Chiang Mai, visit the Night market, take a bicycle or walk around the city.

    ooh Definitely go to Chiang Rai, visit the White Palace, its exquisite. If you are going up north go to Pai and Mae Hon Song. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Mountains and small village towns. I have never seen so much of creativity in attracting tourists. Go bicycling or hire a bike and explore the town. Go up further to Mae Sai crossing the Burmese border or cross over to Laos. They do give the visa at the border crossing which is a bit further up. If you really want to go to the beaches, skip the commercial Phuket, and go to Krabi and Phaghan , and the surrounding beaches and islands. Far better and more fun and much more to explore!!! It's a life time experience.

    Do not spend too much time in Bangkok it will drain your sanctity out. Grand Palace is nice but much too over rated. Walking around the streets of Bangkok and exploring the city will give you far better joy. almost 10 years ago

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    You should first make out in big lines what your reasons are for travelling. For a more cultural, adventurous and authentic experience in Thailand you should travel north. If you're looking more for beach, partying and paradise-like places you should travel south.
    Chiang Mai is a standard place to go to when travelling north, though I think it's overrated; it's a big city with big buildings, big hotels and loaded with tourists (I actually like Bangkok much more than Chiang Mai) . The north has beautiful 'smaller' cities (such as Chiang Rai, Pai, Tak..) which have awesome laid back atmospheres and people. Inbetween those is beautiful jungle, hills..
    The south is nice as well, but I will always prefer the north for it is more authentic and I think the jungles and the hills are way more beautiful than the beaches in the south. The parties in the south are pretty wild though and most of the places feel like paradise. Tough choice but you really should choose one I think when you're going for only 3 weeks.
    For the rest, I really recommend you to fully absorb Bangkok. The first night/day is quite a shock for most travellers because the city is so hot and crowdy. A nice idea is to leave the city as quick as you can and have your last days (I recommend something like 4 days at least) in the city of Bangkok. This time will give you the possibility to really suck it in and for me that was one of the most fun parts of my first travel to Thailand. Use your time to wander around all the different neighborhoods and don't waste your time on too many temples (they're nice but the city itself is so much more beautiful). Take a boat, watch sundowns by the water, enjoy the food and atmosphere... You will LOVE it! almost 9 years ago

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    You have to try and hit everywhere. Full Moon Party is a must so factor that into the equation. Even if you are not into the monster parties. This one is definitely a buzz. We were on Koh Phangan for 3 days and partied and also trained Thai boxing at Diamond Muay Thai which was wicked and we sweated out most of the poison-http://www.diamondmuaythai.com/ .
    Also head to Chiang Mai and further north is Pai. Really cool hippy place. Chiang Mai is wicked place especially old town and around the riverside. Riverside restaurant is v nice place to eat. Bkk has to be done for a few days shopping- prob at the end of the trip. Krabi also worth going to -everyone does Phi Phi, Krabi, Railey beach etc. sjip Phuket, boring. almost 9 years ago

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