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I know there has been recent activity in the North, is the south politically stable?

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    My husband + I travel to Phuket reg. and have never felt worried about our safety(there in aug'10)also hired car and did 3day road trip on mainland-got lost a few times,but no safety worries about 10 years ago

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    All of those places you mention are on the island of Phuket, but I assume when you say "incidents in the North" and "political instability" you mean the Redshirts protests earlier this year further north in Bangkok? If so you have very little to worry about now. State of Emergency in Phuket was lifted a couple of months ago (only applies to Bangkok now). Tragic though it was with so many deaths, in reality the civil unrest was limited to a relatively small part of central Bangkok and the occasional street in the centre of the provincial capitals. there was not widespread unrest across ALL of Thailand. Especially in the popular tourist destinations (like Phuket) it's back to normal.
    The FAR south of Thailand is a different story. A separatist insurgency in the provinces bordering Malaysia has been running for years. there are daily reports of attacks and killings. Most foreign governments advise against travelling there... but that's hundreds of kilometres further south than Phuket (which is more like central Thailand).
    Just one word on safety on Phuket... if you plan to hire a car or rent motorbikes to travel around, be aware the roads are pretty dangerous and there's a high accident rate in Thailand. Drive carefully. Also take all the usual precautions about protecting your valuables. generally, don't go looking for trouble and it won't come looking for you.
    Enjoy your holiday. about 10 years ago

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    My experience in Thailand was safe. I never had a problem when was there. I stayed in karon beach and the beach is very quiet. I recommend you rent a motorbike to travel and know Phuket, is so nice. about 10 years ago

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    Phuket very safe, but..... make sure you have travel insurance, bike accidents are a daily thing mostly on the hilly roads into Patong from south Phuket and central Phuket. Big trucks and bus's drop oil on the road, so when its rains a little after a dry spell lookout if your on a bike ! At night many drunks on the road, both Thai and Euro so be careful, the later the night, the more drunks that are on the roads. If you can afford a car rent one instead of a bike from a big name company. If you need a hotel in Phuket i get my rates here. http://www.phukethotels247.com/ over 9 years ago

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    It's safe when you have TomTom GPS navigation map installed in your iPhone :) over 9 years ago

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