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I am travelling to Thailand for 2 weeks, I have one week's accommodation and activities planned with a resort (Eco-Logic, Chumpon) and for the second week I plan to travel without prior arrangements. I have asked a few people and I have been told that accommodation for young travelers is both easy to find and cheap in Thailand, and so I don't need to worry so much about booking hotels and such before I leave. Is this true? And if so, exactly how easy is it to find a place to stay?

Thank you!

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    Hi Natasha,

    I was there a few years ago during their peak travel season (end/beginning of year) and we only booked a few nights at the start of the trip. The rest of the time you can just arrive in town and find accommodation, we never had a problem finding something on the day we arrived in a town or city. The only thing I'd pre-book would be if you're arriving late at night to avoid the hassle.


    Pearse over 4 years ago

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    To have a great trip, I suggest you should book accommodation in advance. First, you can save time to visit and enjoy more destinations. Second, you can find out accommodation with good quality with reasonable price. over 4 years ago

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    You can book homestay at local people in Thailand or hostel which you will get more happy and funny than hotel. over 4 years ago

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    Absolutely! Just travel and book along the way! I go to Thailand a few times a year. Either i book places a day or two in advance online or i just walk into places and ask for a room, usually at a cheaper rate! over 4 years ago

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    Depends how you define yourself.
    We are all different.
    And will draw our "safety" line somewhere on the continuum
    From being a "tourist" to being a "free wondering nomad" .
    And you have to decide that.
    There are amazing experiences to experience when one does not know where you are going to rest that night, or be at the next day.
    That is what we "overland travellers" call "travel".
    Like "hitch hiking", we see it as "sharing a ride" and going where you are going.
    But as I said, not everyone feel "safe" where others like me feel very safe.
    I remember showing packpackers how to hitch hike in many places around this little world.
    Taken tourist off the main roads into the back streets of shanghi, Georgia, Bangkok, and even back visiting home.
    Tomorrow 15th August will be the 37th anniversary of me setting out to walk africa on the Trans Africa Walk for Peace Expedition 1979.
    So choose your own path.
    Trust your gut feelings.
    And let the road provide.
    "The overland traveller goes around the corner to see who there is to meet around the next corner", max.
    Www.maxneumegentraveller.org over 4 years ago

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    Since you have accommodations booked the first week you should be just fine. I like to have the first night or two booked when I arrive somewhere so I can get a bit of a feel for a place but after that it can be more fun to just go, find a new place for a couple of nights here and there (I don't like only doing one night somewhere unless you're in a huge hurry to get onto the next place because then you can feel too rushed). That being said I haven't actually traveled with no prearranged accommodation in awhile but there have been times when I've regretted that because you're stuck in one place when you pre book. over 4 years ago

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    Hi Natasha,

    It's extremely easy to find places, particularly if you have a guidebook such as Lonely Planet. I did this for 4 weeks last year all over the country. I would also say you get better deals because it is a bargaining society and if you arrive later in the day then owners are likely to try and cut the price to sell the room. I also would say that you will have no real idea of the quality of the place until you see it in person. Online pictures and reviews were deceiving, in my experience.

    That said, if you are the type of person who gets very anxious if nothing is booked, then it might be wise to book in a place that is pricey enough that you know will be comfortable. over 4 years ago

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    My husband and I had flights to Thailand for our honeymoon 2 years ago, but unfortunately it was during the country's May/June 2014 coup. We were also wanting to attend a friend's wedding in Bangkok in late June, and so instead of trying to refund plane tickets, we decided to make travel and accommodation arrangements as we traveled through Thailand. That allowed for us to make an easy exit out of the country if we needed to with no loss of funds on hotels and planes we never used. We flew local Thai carriers and Air Asia to hop from place to place (I've also used the train from Chaing Mai to Bangkok no problem before) and we booked our hotel stays through Agoda. It's very similar to AirBnB.

    It would have been way more relaxing of a trip to have everything planned out in advance, but that just wasn't a good option for us at the time. We make all of our arrangements for vacations in advance now so that we can just go with the flow and relax when we get there.

    If you are in Bangkok near the Grand Palace (location of the main temple and king's palace), make sure to go next door to Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha). The giant Buddha is nice and all, but the real gem is that Wat Pho is the birthplace of Thai massage. During certain days of the week, they have had free classes in Thai massage in the past, and there is also an incredible massage school there (wander through the gardens away from the main temple building). One of the best Thai massages I've ever had. The other one was a school for the blind massage school in Chaing Mai in the north east corner of the old city walls. A sweet 80year old lady gave me the best massage of my life because she could feel her way through every knot in my back. A tip for finding the best massage parlors in Thailand: Ask the staff where you are staying, "Where do you go to get your Thai massages?" If you ask, "Where should I go?" they will send you to a fancy looking touristy place that gives an okay massage for double the price. Find out their favorite in town and give it a try. over 4 years ago

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    Hi Natasha! It's true that stays are cheap. You may want to ready a list of possible hotels for certain areas that you think you will go to. Just to be sure about it. Enjoy your trip! over 4 years ago

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    Is perfectly safe unless you are travelling to the most popular beach destinations in peak season where you may have some problems finding a good hotel at a good rate.

    In Bangkok you wont have any problem any time in the year but in places like Koh Samui in August, or Koh Phangan during the days that takes place the Full Moon Party you need to book in advanced. http://tailandiaviaje.com about 4 years ago

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    We travel to Thailand frequently & for weeks at a time. Our first trip was approximately 15 years ago (for 6 weeks with 3 kids, 10, 8 & 6) booked our first two nights then went where we wanted for rest of time. Best way to travel you can move on if weather is bad or a place doesn't live up to expectations alternatively you can stay if you "fall in love" with a destination. Also it's Asia chances are ( especially if your not an experienced traveller) your going to get sick at some stage............it's always nice to be able to relax & recoup before you have to travel to next location over 3 years ago

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