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My friends and I are planning to make a tour in Thailand, may be at the end of this year.
We're wondering the appropriate time for traveling in here.
We aim at relaxing , enjoying the sightseeing and shopping. So, can you suggest some places to go and stay with a cheap price but not too bad? We' re just students and need a saving plan.
Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Matt,

    The end of the year (past October) is probably the best time to visit Thailand. It's considered the "cool" season, but still reaches 30°C quite often. It's also just past the rainy season (pre-October) so you'll avoid the worst of it.

    In terms of where to travel, it really depends on what you want to do. As you can imagine the shopping is usually better nearer the cities (Bangkok market for example), however to relax I'd advise heading south to somewhere on the water. Personally I liked Tonsai (mainland west of Krabi, accessed by boat) as it was a bit out of the way and had some great rock climbing spots, but many people have suggested the islands (Phi Phi, Koh Tao etc.) as good places to go.

    If you're only going for a short time I'd avoid trying to do too much, travelling from one place to another in Thailand can sometimes take the whole day. If you have a bit of time in the country you can leave your schedule open and plan where to go once you've arrived.

    Cheap places to stay really depends on your personal preference and definition of "cheap". On the islands/beaches, away from the cities, you can usually get away with finding a bungalow when you arrive. In the cities I'd aim for hostels if you're wanting to save money. If you're in Bangkok I'd definitely recommend the "Lub D" hostel (google it for the website); it's modern and very clean.

    Hope that helps,

    Pearse about 4 years ago

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    Hi Matt
    I travelled to Thailand at the end of last year 20th of November til the 1st of December and we found that time to be perfect we didn't have any rain during our time there at all the weather was perfect. We did a tour with Intrepid and they were a great tour company they really allowed us to interact with the locals during our tour which was great fun. We went from Bangkok up North to Chiang Mai on the overnight sleeper train and it was great. Chiang Mai was significantly cheaper than what Bangkok was and we stayed in a 4 star hotel that was equivalent to $80 Australian Dollars a night with 2 swimming pools and close to the night markets.
    Depends what you are interested in doing but Northern Thailand is definitely more affordable then what they islands are all depends on what you and your friends are planning to do.

    Also in Bangkok we stayed in the Nouvo City Hotel and it was quite central to everything that we wanted to see and do and had a free shuttle in the morning to the main shopping centres.
    Hope some of this information helped you almost 4 years ago

    Answered by Jessica via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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