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I'm travelling to Myanmar to Yangon, Lake Inle, Bagan and Ngapali - then Yangon to Bankok and maybe some time at the coast in Thaliand. Staying in Hotels all the way. I have all of my vaccinations now and have sorted Anti-malaria medicine. The only thing I havent had so far is the Rabies vaccination. Is it advisable??? Thanks for any responses :)

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    Personally I travel everywhere without a Rabies vaccination. The thing is, you can get a vaccination but then when you get bit by any animal, you still need to see a doctor and get another one. So you might as well skip the first one, in my opinion. almost 5 years ago

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    The rabies vaccination is actually five jabs in total, with the pre-travel part being the first three. What this means is, if you have had the first three inoculations, you will have 48 hours to receive the final two injections if you are exposed to a rabid animal. If you don't get the first three before you travel, you will only have 24 hours after you are bitten to receive all five and then also a dose of human immunoglobulin for effective treatment. If you are travelling somewhere remote, without decent medical treatment available, this extra day can make all the difference, as the full treatment regimen is not available everywhere.
    A patient from the medical practise we use died last year in Bali because they couldn't get treated in time (despite trying).

    If you're going through the trouble of getting the rest of your jabs- and also bearing in mind where you're travelling- I reckon you'd be best thinking about getting a few more. over 4 years ago

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