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I want to surprise my boyfriend with a trip to Koh Samui and I can't decide on the dates, if we should go early September or mid November.
Can anyone help me with this?


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    The great thing about Ko Samui is that it experiences excellent weather all year round. The island resort, which is Thailand's third-largest island, enjoys tropical weather. The temperatures are usually the same, but rainfall fluctuates drastically. September is the start of the monsoon season in Ko Samui and has an average temperature of 28°C, one degree less than June, July and August. The average daily high temperature in September is 31°C, while the average daily low is 25°C, which is still warm by all accounts. This daily highs and lows don’t change in the course of the month. 63% of all September days are classified as warm; 37% as hot. After five months of sea temperatures around 28°C, the water temperature drops one degree in September, to 27°C, which, again, is still very warm.

    With a decrease of only 15 minutes in the course of the month, the length of the days in September is basically constant. The longest day of the month is September 1 with 12.17 hours of daylight; September 30 is the shortest with 12.02 daylight hours. Sunshine is limited to 6 hours per day, the same as the previous four months, as well as October and November. This is due to the fact that September marks the end of the cloudy mini-monsoon or hot season and the start of the very wet and cloudy monsoon season. On average, you can experience sunshine on about half of a typical September day.

    And September is cloudy indeed. With an average of 85% of cloud cover, this is about as cloudy as it gets. Historically the cloudiest day of the year is October 5. Cloud cover increases only very slightly throughout the month, from 85% in the beginning to 86% at the end. September 15, a representative day of the month, generally has clear skies 4% of the time, partly cloudy skies 15% of the time and is mostly cloudy 45% of the time. The rest of the time is divided between other less common cloud cover types.

    As the start of the monsoon season, September sees an increase of rainfall compared to the previous months, which, by the way, were already fairly wet. September gets a total of 130mm of precipitation and has 11 days of rainfall. almost 6 years ago

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