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    Really dependes on your interests, but I would generalize a good tour as such (time at a bare minimum):

    1) Thailand:
    - 3 days bangkok
    - 2 days one of the islands (Koh XX) or Phuket
    - 2 day Chiagn Mai

    2) Laos - from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang
    - 3 days Luang Prabang
    - 1 day Vientienn
    - 3 days Si Phan Don

    3) Camboja - from Si Phan Don to Siem Reap or Pnom Phen

    - 1 day Pnom Phen
    - 4 days Siem Reap (Angkor Wat and other Wats/temples, don't miss Bayon and Angkor Tom)

    4) Vietnam - from Siem Reap or Pnom Phen to Hanoi
    - 3 days Hanoi (maybe one day more for Halong Bay)
    - 2 days Hue or Danang
    - 2 days Saigon/Ho Chi Min city

    This is 26 days, so if one could squeeze to 3 weeks leaving out a thing or two. This should give you nice broad sample of SE Asia, but sure there is a lot more to see, with more time.

    Any further questions, let me know. about 5 years ago

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    Thanks a lot marc !! Can you please give me your email or fb so that i can contact you for some more details please ?? about 5 years ago

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