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Guys, I'll have 7 days to stay at the south islands of Thailand in mid-february (2014). I'm thinking about staying 4 days in Koh Phi Phi and 3 days in Krabi.
Do you reccomend it? Many people say that I should stay only in Krabi and go to Phi Phi as a day-trip.
In addition, do you have any reccomendations on cheap hostels or hotels for these cities?

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    Would probably only stay 1 night in phi phi unless your a young party animal that wants to be drunk 24/7 i didnt like it there at all...
    If you go leave booking room till you get off ferry as there r good deals and you can get cheap hostel type room for only few dollars...would pick Krabi over phi phi any day!! almost 7 years ago

    Answered by Mathew F via Site_iconAsk a Nomad iPad app
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    I'd stay in Krabi, one of my favourite places in thailand, You can do a boat trip out to some stunning beaches from Crabi, I did the main snorkel and Riley beach trip which was awesome, Stay in Krabi town, so much better than Au Nang (however you spell it) Krabi town has a real local feel with little food markets and shops at local prices. Chan Cha Lay is the best guest house to stay and they can help you with things to see.
    It's also worth getting a moped for a day and driving around to the hot springs, visit some waterfalls and you can even do a horse riding trip along the beach. Like Mathew said Phi Phi is just too much party! over 6 years ago

    Answered by via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Krabi about 6 years ago

    Answered by Glenn Harris via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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