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I am in Chiang Mai this week and meeting someone at Chiang Mai airport on Sunday evening. I have explored the Old City and am now wondering if I should spend a few nights north of Chiang Mai or just do day trips out of Chiang Mai?
I'm interested in exploring the nature outside of the city and seeing any wats as well.

Thank you!

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    There are a stack of tour operators who will take you out of Chiang Mai to the river areas and teach you how to Kayak. We did it and had incredible peaceful views of the jungle. about 6 years ago

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    Chiang Rai! They have the white temple which is absolutely breath taking, and there's a look out point where you can oversee both Myanmar and Laos, whilst standing in Thailand. If you want to visit a beautiful place for a night or two, without a doubt, Pai. It's around 3 hours North of Chaing Mai. Enjoy your trip! almost 6 years ago

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